Welcome to TROPIC - TRansformations On Petri nets In Color

The overall goal of this project is to provide a framework for developing model transformations in order to resolve structural heterogeneities between metamodels by providing 
  • a Mapping View for declarative model transformations, based on a library of reusable transformation components
  • a Transformation View to make declarative mapping definitions executable
  • a Compiler for generating executable transformations out of declarative mapping definitions
TROPIC in a Nutshell can be found on the project poster.

TROPIC is realized by the Business Informatics Group (BIG, Vienna University of Technology), the Information Systems Group (IFS, Johannes Kepler University Linz) and the Department of Telekooperation (TK, Johannes Kepler University Linz). The project is funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) which is Austria's central funding organization for basic research.
The TROPIC project started on 1st March 2009 and lasted until 31st August 2012.